David Shaw – Portfolio

I have made the decision to change what I do with my working life; some might say this is a mid-life crisis although I think it’s more along the lines of a realisation that I don’t want to sit at a desk staring at a computer anymore.  I’ve always had a deep interest in art, painting and making things, which I have pursued as a hobby all through my life. I now want to investigate ways that I can apply myself in a more artistic and creative environment. 

The 3D Design and Craft course offers everything I was looking to do… and more.  I feel confident in my making abilities using wood, although there is always more to learn, and I’m really interested in expanding the range of materials I can work with. More importantly I’m keen get more exposure to the creative process.  I’ve had some experience of creative processes in both work and leisure areas of my life, e.g. using ‘mood boards’ and ‘personas’ to design the look and feel of client web sites in my current job, and in short art courses such as the 10 week ‘abstract botanics ceramics and sculpture’ course I attended at the Phoenix, and feel that this is an area that I’m really excited to gain more in-depth experience and confidence.

Below are some examples of my work, I hope you enjoy them…


Poster paint on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas


Pine shell
Cherry wood globe
(an interesting challenge getting the continents to match the curve of the surface of the globe)
Acoustic and electric ukuleles
Design process for a puzzle box. I saw one of these on YouTube and worked out the mechanism without plans
The puzzle box in action
This is a customised version of a set of plans I bought. I replaced the plastic pipe barrel and firing mechanism with wooden dowels and copper to make something more aesthetically pleasing.
The Rubber band machine gun in action

Glass work

Coasters made at an afternoon workshop


A selection of pages from a design process developing natural shapes into abstract ideas
 Investigation of how to interpret design ideas into clay
More design ideas implemented in clay
Abstract fired clay based on forms found in nature