Spring Equinox

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing OK. 

Today is the Spring Equinox and I’d like to share a Spring Equinox Meditation with you.  It’s on Insight Timer, which has loads of fantastic resources you can access. You can download the app onto your phone in minutes and it’s free.

When I first sat quietly I was aware of all the Adrenalin flooding my nervous system.  It felt intense to be sitting and allowing my thoughts, feelings and emotions to flow.   But as we do in class, I imagined my breath (along with tension and anxiety) flowing out into the ground beneath me.

This is a very gentle guided meditation, but if sitting quietly feels overwhelming, stop, take a deep breath open your eyes or even come back to it another time.  Take the same approach with meditation as you do with your physical practice – approach strong sensations/emotions, explore the edges and soften off if you need to. 

It can be helpful to notice how an emotion manifests as a physical sensation.  Notice where it’s located in the body and send your breath there.  See if you can be present with the sensation and notice as it starts to subside.

Online classes

Moving from face-to-face classes to online classes is a steep learning curve and I’m currently working out the best way to do it.  I’ll be home schooling the boys from Monday, so I also need to see how that unfolds.  It’s tempting to rush ahead but I’m trying to follow my own advice – breathe, be present and let the best way forward reveal itself!  No doubt you’re all trying to do the same.

Sending love – may we all be happy, healthy and at peace.

Jo xx